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Our Culture    

After much research, exchanging of emails and perhaps international phone calls, working out the drawings and diagrams, clarifying the specifications for the tenth time, and finally agreeing on a company and a price, you have placed an order.  Everything seems to be on track to arrive at your company’s doorstep.  The receiving department is waiting, the production line is waiting, the boss is waiting.  The customer is waiting.  And then there’s a problem with customs.
Delays by customs regulations and personnel can be confusing, irritating or just inconvenient.  But they are a sometimes inevitable part of international trade. 
And with electronic components such as batteries, connectors, switches, and the wide array of products we find in manufacturing, this can be frustrating in navigating those sometimes murky waters.
Finding the right company to do business with of course includes all aspects of the sales and production cycle, but if they don’t have the necessary experience with the shipping, customs and delivery part of the equation, that cheap price you got or that impossibly fast delivery date that was promised is worth less, if not worthless.
One simple method to overcome this problem is to request samples to be sent prior to the main order.  This can test the company, the product and, no less importantly, the shipping lines that will be used. 
How easily can the product depart the factory pass customs on the supply side, traverse the distance to your home country, pass customs again and then travel to the eventual destination, your company?  That factor in itself is of great value.
 It’s vital in choosing an overseas manufacturer that has the experience and resources necessary to get the product from their door to yours in-time and as expected. 
At Yinghua International, we strive to consistently provide this service along with our quality electronic components.

Our mission: To assist our customers in realizing their vision for superlative products.

Our culture: Creative coooperation in providing quality products and service.

Our goal: To deliver the best electronic components sourcing in China! 

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