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                    Terminal Block Connector Description and Application:

                    Terminal block, Plug terminal series using pluggable connection for easy operation combined with solid screw connections to connect the various parts.
                    PCB screw terminal block is mainly used in industrial controls, electric power systems, communications equipment, instruments and meters, rail transportation, computer, program control unit, alarm, rectifier, elevator, household appliances, inverter, etc.
                    Barrier terminal block is one type of terminal blocks which can achieve safe, reliable and effective connections, especially in a large current and high voltage – use envirnonment .  Installation of the power distribution cabinet, the lamp or meter on the cabinet door will be on the terminal.
                    Common pitch configurations include 2.50mm / 2.54mm / 3.50 mm / 3.81 mm / 3.96mm / 5.00 mm / 5.08 mm / 7.50 mm / 7.62 mm, etc.

                    Terminal Block Connector    

                    3.5/3.81/3.96 Pitch Terminal Block
                    5.0/5.08/6.35/7.5/7.62 Pitch Terminal Block
                    9.5/10.16/12.1 Pitch Terminal Block
                    2.5/2.54 Pitch Terminal Block
                    4.0/8.0 Pitch Terminal Block
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